Ceramics in Thailand


Hi!  This is Thai ceramics .... for tourists!  Not the historic kind from thousands of years ago but it's so interesting to see how they make pots now, compared to how we make them here in the USA.  Pretty much the same! After all it's mud, no matter what part of the world.
The 1st few photos are the bowls. Next he's making the tops, throwing lids off the hump.  After that the lids go to be carved.
Then to the kiln.
That's the basics.  I have more photos, may put some up later. Had a lot of fun watching them, while other people walked away after a few minutes I still wanted to see more and more.  Next time I might get lucky and be there while they are loading the kiln.  As large as it is, must take hours.
If you have questions or want to know more, please email me.
I should say, what's shown here is only for tourists and the pottery is the inexpensive less 'finished' ceramics. I did also go to a very high class ceramic factory where they make stunningly beautiful ceramics in the style of ancient wares glazed in celadon.  More on that later.
Click on photos to see larger.