About Me!

CoolAs I wander through this world I take one step back
and two steps forward, trying to learn and use the
 knowledge gained on the journey to reach Nirvana.
My art work is a reflection of the whole of my experiences
 and the essence of your perception.
Hello Everyone,
This web site is about my art and photography work. Don't read any further. Not necessary because I would like you to see what I do, not what I say.The reason I'm writing this text is because I was told that 'Key words' need to be on my site in order for it to show in searches. And I did not have enough of them before.So, here goes: 
 I love Thailand, I have been to Thailand many times. I have many friends and family there. Thailand is a beautiful country and there are so many photography opportunities there. If you like Nature, there's more nature there than you can take photos of in any one trip. Unless you stay for a few months at least. If you don't want to shoot it, as in through a camera, exploring Thailand from North to South is a fantastic experience. Thailand has everything, nature in the countryside, night life in the big city.

One of my early experiences in Thailand was to hear a band called Carabao. That was over 25 years ago and Carabao is still a big name in Thailand. There are many You Tube videos of Carabao and a Carabao community on line and FaceBook. There have been web sites for them also. Mine, which is no longer up was the very 1st devoted only to Carabao.  If you want to know more about Carabao please contact me. They play a wide range of songs, even if you don't understand the words, the beat is appealing, to many. 

 Nature, is something I've always been connected to, even from when I was a baby. My mother told me she used to walk down the street with me in the stroller as she pointed out flowers and other lovely things in nature.  Therefore my photography carries through the theme I was exposed to at an early age. In my nature photography I try to take pictures that are uncommon. Other photographers take the usual nature shots. I look for a different angle, color or shape. As an art major I was trained to 'see' those things that perhaps many people don't notice or just pass by without thinking of it as interesting.

 Artist, I am an artist, that's the subject I've studied most in school. I know a lot about art but it has a long history and many categories, I don't know it all.  There is no end to learning, in any field but I realized I do know enough about art to be comfortable saying "I'm an artist."   Smile

 Music, that's in here because of Carabao, the greatest band in the world. I also love many other kinds of music from classical to jazz, heavy metal to folk songs, bagpipes, flamenco, and many more.

Philosophy, I've had pretty much the same ideas about life, morality, ethics and theology since I was 10 years old. I'm a Buddhist.

Ceramics, LOVE Ceramics. That's a somewhat funny story about how I got involved in working with clay and making pottery.  Actually it's not so uncommon. I've heard other potters tell a similar story. This is what happened, while I was an art major in school along with print making, sculpture and various other art subjects I took a semester of ceramics. I fell in love with it at once, as many do. The feel of the clay, the texture and endless ways of forming and decorating it, they all make ceramics a fabulous media in which to be creative.  Each piece is individually hand made. Although ceramics is much fun it does need space and expensive equipment that isn't always easy to set up. So one has to say, I'll get back to that. Many finally do, as I did, years later.  There are many methods of making a piece from clay. There is almost no end to the combination of glazes or ways to finish a ceramic pot.

 Curious Creations! That is the name I choose to call myself. I'd say it was a business, except I don't sell anything here on my web site.  If you want to know more about me or Curious Creations, art, Carabao, musice, pottery, ceramics, Thailand, photography, my philosophy, or if you'd like to have something you've seen on here, please email me.  

Thank you

Here I am